THOR The Mighty Avenger Lightning Hammer

Ages: 5 YEARS & UP
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There are many legendary weapons carried by the warriors of Asgard, but the most powerful is Mjolnir, the mighty weapon wielded by Thor. With his hammer in hand, Thor uses the power of rain, wind and lightning to battle his enemies. Now, you can imagine yourself as a warrior worthy enough to hold this awesome weapon and control the fury of the storms!

Make super hero action “come alive” with this awesome electronic Thor Lightning Hammer. Call on the power of the universe and press the button to make flashing lights appear and thunder sounds rumble. Your enemies will be quaking with fear, but you’ve still got one secret surprise — your weapon launches a missile! Wield your Lightning Hammer until every evil opponent is defeated!

Hammer features a launching missile!
Includes 3 “AAA” batteries.

Ages 5 and up.

/!\ CAUTION: Do not at aim at eyes or face.
TO AVOID INJURY: Use only missiles designed for this product. Do not modify missiles or blaster.

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