Beyblade Beywheelz Spark FX Ripshot Battle Set

Ages: 8 YEARS & UP
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The Beyblade Beywheelz Ripshot Battle Set is ultimate crash and stunt action! The set comes with everything you need to battle right out of the box in head-to-head crashes, super stunts and wild races. Launch the two Beywheelz battlers toward each other on the V-Track that is over three feet long for spectacular crashes. Send the battlers zooming up the ramps to perform awesome stunts like long jumps and high jumps. Race the Beywheelz battlers against each other in a BEYWHEELZ racing competition. Amped-up Spark FX colors and holographic labels add to the excitement as you battle! Two codes are included so you can also battle online at

Beywheelz Battlers
The Beyblade Beywheelz Ripshot Battle Set comes with two Beywheelz battlers that have Spark FX amped-up colors with special deco that is exclusive to this set. Soaring Wing Pegasus is a speed-type Beywheelz battler that competes in crashes, stunts and races against Doom Fire Drago, a balance-type Beywheelz battler. Beywheelz battlers are four-piece battlers that you can customize by switching parts with other battlers. The Spirit Core, Energy Core and Spirit Shield are all rated for the level of their speed and power to help you strategize your customizing options.

Includes Battle Course (3 V-Track Pieces, 2 Stunt Ramps, and 2 Track Support Pieces), 2 exclusive 4-piece Beywheelz battlers, 2 Wheelz Launchers with ripcords, 2 collector cards, and an instruction guide.

Includes Battle Course, 2 Beywheelz battlers, 2 Wheelz Launchers and collector cards.
Launch the battlers toward each other onto the V-shaped track for awesome crashes.
Launch the battlers up the inclines to perform long jumps or high jumps.
The set comes with an exclusive Soaring Wing Pegasus battler and exclusive Doom Fire Drago battler.
Launch the battlers on exciting Beywheelz races.

8 Years & up.

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WARNING: DO NOT LEAN OVER STADIUM when tops are in play. Do not use stadium on tables or other elevated surfaces. Tops may bounce up and hit eye or face. For use with Beyblade tops only!
WARNING: Do not play on tables or other elevated surfaces.