BEYBLADE METAL FURY Legendary Bladers: Nemesis Crisis Pack

Ages: 8 YEARS & UP
Item: A1048
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Customize the 3 BEYBLADE battle tops in the Nemesis Crisis Pack for maximum tactical advantage! Engineer the perfect custom top to defeat your opponent by switching the parts of the PROTO NEMESIS, FIREFUSE DARKHELM and DEATH QUETZALCOATL tops, then use your RIPCORD LAUNCHERS to send your warrior top into the fray!

Nemesis Crisis pack of Legendary Bladers tops includes PROTO NEMESIS AD145D, FIREFUSE DARKHELM 145DS and DEATH QUETZALCOATL 125SF tops! BEYBLADE Battle Tops are all about customizing! Create custom top combinations by switching parts! PROTO NEMESIS top’s Armor Defense SPIN TRACK piece creates a strong, solid base that can withstand hits, while its tough Defense PERFORMANCE TIP part can withstand attacks. Only the SPIN TRACK and PERFORMANCE TIP parts of the PROTO NEMESIS top are interchangeable with other tops. FIREFUSE DARKHELM top’s Defense Spike PERFORMANCE TIP is designed to maximize defense and stamina. DEATH QUETZALCOATL top’s Semi-Flat PERFORMANCE TIP is for aggressive movement and stability.

Pack includes 3 tops, 2 RIPCORD LAUNCHERS, 3 collector cards, assembly tool and instructions.

B-156 PROTO NEMESIS AD145D Balance

Ages 8 and up.

Only use BEYBLADE tops with a BEYSTADIUM arena (sold separately).

Launching systems only work with right-spin Metal Fusion Battle Tops, Metal Masters Battle Tops, XTS Electro Battlers, XTS Stealth Battlers and XTS Tornado Battlers.

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