Marvel Ultimate Spider-Man Mega Blaster Web Shooter

Ages: 5 YEARS & UP
Item: A2945
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WARNING: PRESSURIZED CONTAINER. Read back panel before use.

Product Description:

Get ready to fight crime just like your favorite hero! Slip on your Spider-Man glove and strap your 2-in-1 blaster on your wrist, just like the masked web-slinger! Fill the refillable water cartridge and unleash a water blast at the enemy. If water isn’t powerful enough, switch from water to web fluid and blast them with a “web”! It’s just a matter of time before all of the bad guys fall prey to your powers! Shoot “webs” or water! One size fits most.

Shooter comes with web fluid, refillable water cartridge, and one Spider-Man glove.

Ages 5 and up.

Adult assembly required. No tools needed.

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