Ages: AGES 7-14
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Two mighty TRANSFORMERS warriors clash in combat for the ultimate power in the universe. OPTIMUS PRIME, brave leader of the heroic AUTOBOTS fights to defend the Earth’s supply of Energon from the evil MEGATRON, who leads his DECEPTICONS on a campaign of conquest. Build both incredible robots and join the battle for Earth!

Build the Way You Play

The battle between two of the most powerful warriors in the universe has arrived on Earth! Humanity’s precious supply of Energon is locked in an ultra-secret vault, but MEGATRON has learned the location. Luckily OPTIMUS PRIME is committed to the defense of Earth and his human allies. Not even the mighty MEGATRON stands a chance against an OPTIMUS PRIME determined to protect the invaluable Energon supply. Pretend to join the battle to protect Earth from the DECEPTICONS by building an awesome Energon vault, and two incredible warriors in robot or vehicle mode.

High-Octane Action

Built the way you play, without limits! KRE-O TRANSFORMERS building sets let you invent your own awesome battles! Pretend to take control of two of the most powerful warriors in the universe. The AUTOBOT leader OPTIMUS PRIME awaits your command, while the DECEPTICON overlord MEGATRON hungers for battle. Both can be built in robot or vehicle mode, and include incredible action features. OPTIMUS PRIME carries a missile launcher to take out the evil MEGATRON, but MEGATRON counters by taking helpless KREON figures hostage in his capture cage! Both figures are also fully poseable in robot mode, and feature opening doors and working wheels in vehicle mode.

Build 2 vehicles or 2 robots

Build OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON as robots or vehicles. OPTIMUS PRIME has a firing missile, plus opening doors, an opening hood, and working wheels in vehicle mode. MEGATRON has working treads, an opening cockpit, and a capture cage in vehicle mode, and removable missiles as a robot. You can also build an Energon vault with doors that swing open.

Includes 379-piece building kit to create OPTIMUS PRIME and MEGATRON in robot or vehicle mode, an Energon vault, an OPTIMUS PRIME KREON figure, MEGATRON KREON figure, Security Officer KREON figure, and Tank Driver KREON figure.


• Build OPTIMUS PRIME or MEGATRON You can build both figures in robot or vehicle mode!

• Both figures feature poseable joints in robot mode!

• OPTIMUS PRIME has a working missile launcher!

• KREON figures fit inside the capture cage!

Ages 7 to 14 years.

Product does not convert.

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