Beyblade Shogun Steel Dojo Beylocker Case

Ages: 8 YEARS & UP
Item: A2466
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A prepared fighter is a successful fighter! Store all your tops and parts in one place with the Dojo Beylocker storage case. This hardcore carrying case has space for 4 BeyWarriors battlers, or you can store your BeyBattle tops in it. The locker has space for extra tips and weapons (not included) and you can remove its walls to customize the space. It comes with an exclusive 5-piece Archer Griffin Range Attack battler! Customize your battler and store it in the Beylocker case, then you'll be ready at a moment's notice to take on any opponent who dares to challenge you!

Dojo Beylocker case comes with 1 five-piece BeyWarriors Battler, ripcord, assembly instructions and collector card

BW-12C Archer Griffin Range Attack

Ages 8 and up.

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