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Who wouldn’t love to go to preschool and introduce his friend -- from outer space? This ALPHIE robot figure has traveled from his home planet to introduce your child to preschool skills and developmental concepts. There’s so much to explore with ALPHIE -- letter sounds, new words, shape sorting and so much more! As his buttons light up, he “sings” and plays music, engaging your child with fun quizzes and games from his activity cards! Oh, and this alien won’t make a mess in the house, either – he’s got a storage bin for cards and a convenient handle on top of his head. Together, ALPHIE and your child explore a world of wonder and discovery together… enjoying all kinds of best-friend learning adventures! This toy also helps encourage development of Cognitive Learning and Speech & Language. For kids 3 years+
Robot figure comes with 30 double-sided cards.
Includes 3 "AA" batteries.
Ages 3 and up.

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