Ages: 4 YEARS & UP
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Ages 4 and up.
Requires 4 "C" batteries (demo batteries included).

Get a stylish puppy friend who wants to go on walks with you! This adorable glittery GOGO MY WALKIN’ PUP toy loves going for walks! Her leash is a remote control so you can guide her on your walks around the neighborhood together. She barks, makes panting sounds, wags her tail and responds to your touch, and she’s always happy to go walking with you. Best of all, she has glittery ears and her remote control leash is sparkly! She’s a stylish and cuddly buddy and she’ll always be puppy-cute!

Plush, electronic puppy makes cute puppy sounds! She wags her tail, moves her head and wiggles her body! She gets excited when you attach her leash because she knows you’re going somewhere fun! Puppy comes with a sparkly remote control leash so you can guide her where you want her to go!

Includes GOGO MY WALKIN’ PUP pet, leash handle controller and instructions.

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