Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Heatwave the Fire-Bot Figure

Ages: 3 TO 7 YEARS
Item: A6365
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Playskool Heroes is the big boy brand for little hands, and the popular Rescue Bots figures are always ready for action! You can let your imagination go wild and create lots of exciting rescue scenarios in which you become the hero. Now you can dream up an action-packed world in which Heatwave the Fire-Bot comes to the rescue!
Robot to Fireboat:
Heatwave the Fire-Bot loves adventure. He is willing to take all kinds of risks to be the ultimate source of help when a fire strikes, or whenever the Rescue Bots need an extra helping hand! No situation is too risky or dangerous for this brave Autobot. If his team is in a dangerous situation off the coast of Griffin Rock, this heroic Heatwave the Fire-Bot figure converts from a cool robot into a fearless fireboat that rushes to the scene to quench the fire.
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Easy-to-Do Conversion:
Heatwave the Fire-Bot is an awesome robot that converts into a brave and fearless fireboat. Converting him from robot to fireboat is easy to do, even for the youngest kids. With one simple push, the Heatwave the Fire-Bot figure changes from a robot to a fireboat, and is ready to race to the heat of the action, no matter how intense the flames. Then, when the rescue is complete, the fireboat easily converts back, becoming Heatwave the Fire-Bot robot figure again.
What's Your Rescue?
There is no limit to the scenarios you can create with the Heatwave the Fire-Bot figure. A natural leader who is highly respected in robot mode, Heatwave the Fire-Bot loves the adventure and excitement in fireboat mode. This popular hero is one powerful member of your Rescue Bots team. Let the rescues begin!

Includes Heatwave the Fire-Bot figure.

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- Robot and fireboat modes
- Easy-to-do conversion
- Popular Heatwave Transformers character
- Big-boy heroes that fit small hands
• Ages 3 -7

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