Baby Alive My Baby All Gone Doll, brunette

Ages: 3 YEARS & UP
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Baby Alive dolls bring love and joy to your little girl. She can enjoy a realistic, nurturing experience while feeding Baby Alive dolls that eat and drink, and then changing their diapers to keep them clean and dry. Or, for moms and little girls who prefer a non-diapering nurturing experience, Baby Alive offers baby dolls with a great variety of other play scenarios and accessories that will engage a little girl’s imagination. Most of the Baby Alive dolls also make adorable baby sounds and speak a sweet variety of phrases in response to your little girl’s actions, adding even more fun to her realistic, nurturing experience! Baby Alive My Baby All Gone doll eats, drinks, wets, and dirties her diaper. She also has 30+ responses, and speaks in English or Spanish!

She Eats, Drinks, Wets, and Dirties Her Diaper:
Your little girl can love and nurture her Baby Alive My Baby All Gone doll like a real baby! When she gives her a soothing drink of water from her bottle, or feeds her Baby Alive doll food with the included spoon and doll food mix, My Baby All Gone will drink and eat. And like all babies do, this baby doll will then wet or dirty her diaper. Your little girl can then gently clean her baby doll's bottom, replace her diaper with a fresh clean one, and love her some more! (Baby Alive food and diaper refills sold separately.)

Baby Alive and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

30+ Responses:
Baby Alive My Baby All Gone doll responds to your little girl with 30+ different responses! She knows the care she's receiving and will respond accordingly. When your little girl feeds her, My Baby All Gone might respond with, "I love veggies!" or may ask her, "Did I make a stinky?" She also responds in different ways to her bottle feedings, with phrases such as, "More, please!" She loves to be hugged and let's your little girl know it when she says, "Hugs, please!"
She Speaks in English and Spanish:
Each Baby Alive My Baby All Gone doll can speak in either English or Spanish, depending on the setting you choose, and you can toggle between languages at any time. She speaks sweet phrases and makes adorable eating, drinking, and giggling sounds – 30+ in all! Your little girl will always know what My Baby All Gone baby doll needs so she can be the best mommy she can be!

Includes baby doll, bottle, outfit, 2 diapers, 2 food packets, bowl, spoon, and instructions.

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- She drinks from her bottle
- She eats Baby Alive doll food
- She wets and dirties her diaper
- She has 30+ responses
- She speaks in English and Spanish

• Ages 3 and up
• Requires 2 AA 1.5V alkaline batteries. Demo batteries included.

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