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Elefun & Friends Chasin' Cheeky

Ages: YEARS 3 +
Item: A2043

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Product Description:

Join Elefun's newest friend, the trouble-loving Chasin' Cheeky monkey in this ring-tossin' Chasin' Cheeky game. In this up-and-active game, Chasin' Cheeky will race around the room as you try to get your coloured rings on his tail. Once you get all of your rings onto his tail, be the first to grab his banana and shake it with Chasin' Cheeky to celebrate your win!
Elefun and Friends games are all about unpredictable, LOL fun! Every moment is an adventure with these zany friends! Get ready to race, shake, stomp, and laugh!

You'll meet the mischievous Chasin' Cheeky from Elefun and Friends in this monkey-chasin', cheek-shakin' game! Run after Chasin' Cheeky as he races playfully around the room, and try to be the first to get all your coloured rings on his tail! When you do, grab the banana from Chasin' Cheeky's mouth and he'll start to dance! Shake and wiggle along with him! Play again by putting the banana back in Cheeky's mouth!

Chasin' Cheeky monkey with snap-in tail, banana, 3 yellow rings, 3 green rings, instructions

Meet Elefun's friend Chasin' Cheeky, the fun-loving monkey from Elefun and Friends
Race to be the first to get your rings on Chasin' Cheeky's tail and do the Chasin' Cheeky dance together
Run, toss, and dance with Chasin' Cheeky
Take the banana from Chasin' Cheeky's mouth to see the Chasin' Cheeky dance
Place the banana back in Chasin' Cheeky's mouth and scatter your rings to play again

Ages 3 and up

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