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Get to Know Your Furby Even Better with the Furby App!

Interact with Furby like you never imagined with the new Furby Boom app. A new generation is hatching, collect all 48 eggs and play with Furblings.

Get to Know Your Furby Even Better with the Furby App!

Interact with Furby like you never imagined with the new Furby Boom app. A new generation is hatching, collect all 48 eggs and play with Furblings.

Furby Apps

Furby Boom!

Which mobile platforms currently support the Furby Boom App?

Apple (iOS) and Google (Android)

Which Android devices will the Furby Boom app work with?

Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S3 Mini, S4, S4 Mini. Samsung Galaxy Note 2, 3, 8.0, 10.1. Samsung Galaxy Tab (Gen 1, 2, 3). Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos. Toys R Us Tabeo 8. Motorola Droid RAZR HD. Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD (except model XT926). Google Nexus 4. Google Nexus 7. Amazon Kindle Fire HD (Kindle series, 1st and 2nd Gen ONLY)**. NOTE: Device must be running Android OS 2.3.3 or later. **The Amazon Kindle Fire HD 3rd Gen is not compatible as it lacks a microphone. Additionally, the Fire HD series (distinct from the Kindle Fire HD series) is not officially supported. Which iOS devices will the Furby Boom app work with? iPod 4th generation or newer, iPhone 4 or newer, All iPad models. iOS device must be running iOS 4.3 or later. Due to hardware limitations, the app may not have full functionality on some older devices.

Name calling is strongly encouraged

Give your Furby Boom a name using the Furby Boom app - your Furby Boom will remember! Furby Boom is very sociable. It will also remember the names of other Furby Boom friends it meets.

Groom your Furby Boom

Keep your Furby Boom happy and healthy by using the app to virtually feed it, clean it and even give it an X-ray! The app's monitor will let you know what your Furby Boom needs.

Furblings have more fun with the new app

Simply place your real Furbling next to the new Furby Boom app, tap your Furbling's head and POOF! The real Furbling unlocks bonuses within the app.

A new generation is hatching

When you take care of your Furby Boom, it becomes ready to take care of something too - that's when you get a virtual Furby Furblings egg! With the app, you can help Furby Boom hatch its eggs, and collect more virtual eggs from friends with a Furby Boom. Look out for virtual eggs in other places too. You never know where they'll turn up!

Virtual Furblings bay-bees

With each virtual egg you hatch in the Furby Boom app, you get a virtual Furbling! The Furby Boom app includes games you can play with Furby Boom and your virtual Furblings. Try your hand at Furball, the Furbish version of soccer!

Welcome to Furblings city

Can you hatch enough virtual Furblings to fill the towers of your city and get the golden egg? As you collect and hatch virtual Furblings eggs, your digital city fills up with virtual Furblings that you and your Furby Boom can interact with.

Get the golden egg!

When you collect and hatch all of the 48 Furblings in Furbling City, you win the Golden Egg, but that's all we're allowed to say about that. Download the app to start collecting!

Furby 2012

Have a 2012 FURBY? If so, you can do even more using this FURBY app with your FURBY. Feed your FURBY an incredible variety of food or hear your FURBY’s Furbish translated in real time when it speaks.

Don’t have FURBY yet? Use this FURBY app to browse the FURBY Dictionary, and read or press to hear Furbish words said aloud.


  • PANTRY - Choose from over 100 different foods items for your FURBY to eat! Get to know your FURBY better by figuring out what foods items it likes and dislikes to eat.
  • DELI - Customize a special meal for your FURBY with over 60 different ingredients for making a sandwich.
  • TRANSLATOR - Did FURBY just say what I think it said? Translate FURBY’s Furbish in real time using the Translator. Hold your app device close to FURBY’s mouth when it speaks. When the speech bubbles appear, simply tap either the Furbish or English phrase to hear it said aloud.
  • DICTIONARY - Complete Furbish dictionary. Now you can practice Furbish even when FURBY is not around. This on-the-go dictionary comes complete with vocabulary illustrations and audible Furbish to learn perfect pronunciation.


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