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Get the gigglefest started with SESAME STREET LOL Elmo! This laughing Elmo tells jokes and comes with a Dorothy fishbowl squeaker toy for even more silly fun. The more Elmo laughs, the more he rolls back and forth and shakes. Now preschoolers can laugh along with everyone’s favourite SESAME STREET pal!

LOL with Elmo!

Elmo loves a sidesplitting, rolling-on-the-floor gigglefest! And preschoolers will, too, with this laughing Elmo from SESAME STREET. There are so many different ways little ones can make LOL Elmo laugh out loud: tickling his tummy, making silly sounds, pressing either of his feet, and squeaking Dorothy’s fishbowl squeaker toy. To get them to join in on the laughing fun, Elmo tells jokes, too! Just hearing LOL Elmo laugh and seeing him shake and roll makes for even more laughter and fun.

Make Elmo laugh out loud!

It’s so much fun to make this laughing Elmo laugh out loud! Press his feet, then tickle his tummy or press either of his feet again. The more Elmo is tickled, the more he shakes and rolls with laughter! Squeeze Dorothy’s fishbowl squeaker toy – it squeaks and makes Elmo giggle. Or stand close to Elmo and make a silly sound. LOL Elmo loves to tell jokes, too, like, “What’s a duck’s favourite snack? Quackers!"

Laugh along with SESAME STREET LOL Elmo!

SESAME STREET LOL Elmo tells jokes! Preschoolers will love making him laugh with tickles, silly sounds, and by squeezing Dorothy’s fishbowl squeaker. When Elmo thinks something is funny, he rolls and shakes with laughter. The more he laughs, the more he moves!

Includes LOL Elmo, Dorothy’s fishbowl squeaker and instructions.
• LOL Elmo loves to be tickled!
• To see Elmo giggle, press either of his feet or tickle his tummy. The more he’s tickled, the more he’ll laugh, wiggle and shake!
• LOL Elmo tells jokes!
• To hear Elmo tell a silly joke, just press and hold either foot for 3 seconds. Each time his foot is pressed, he’ll tell another joke.
• Make LOL Elmo laugh with Dorothy’s fishbowl squeaker!
• To activate Elmo using Dorothy’s fishbowl squeaker, hold it approximately 6 inches from his tummy, then give it a squeeze.
• Silly sounds make Elmo laugh out loud!
• For more giggling fun, preschoolers can make a silly sound and watch as LOL Elmo laughs out loud.

Requires 4 AA batteries (demo batteries included).

Ages over 18 months to 4 years.

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