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News Title: Project Zambi - Giving Hope to Kids in Need in Africa
News Leader Text: We invite you to join us on this mission to care about children orphaned by AIDS in Africa.  You can make a difference by purchasing ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT and wearing the PROJECT ZAMBI bracelet to spread the word about this important effort...
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What is Project Zambi?

Hasbro Cares Logo For many years the Hasbro Children’s Fund has been working to help improve the lives of children orphaned by AIDS living in Zambia. There are an estimated 15 million children orphaned by AIDS in Africa. Faced with the scope of this issue, Hasbro employees created Project Zambi and ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT to make a difference and to assist these children.

ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT is a Special Edition FURREAL FRIENDS baby African elephant that will delight children as he really "comes alive."  He was created to help children who have been orphaned by AIDS in Africa.  Some of these children even helped by creating the artwork for ZAMBI's ears, feet and bracelet.


See a video of how ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT works!

The Project Zambi Bracelet
By welcoming ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT into your home and wearing the bracelet included with purchase, you can show your support for Project Zambi.  Hasbro has committed to donate a minimum of $500,000 from worldwide sales of ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT to the Project Zambi Fund, part of the Hasbro Children's Fund.

Be one of the first to bring ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT home!
We invite you to join us on this mission to care about children orphaned by AIDS in Africa.
Reserve your very own ZAMBI THE BABY ELEPHANT on HasbroToyShop today!

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