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Date of Release: June 25, 2009
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News Title: Insight by Gianni Lopergolo
News Leader Text: Insight: is a 128-page, full-color collection of Gianni’s photography, featuring images from the G.I Joe, Star Wars and Marvel product lines and even including some previously unreleased images.
News Article: About the Book


insight: is a 128-page, full-color collection of Gianni's photography, featuring images from the
G.I Joe, Star Wars and Marvel product lines and even including some previously unreleased images.


Joe vs Cobra234x130_MK47_Grenade_Launcher  

Proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit the National ALS Association, its Rhode Island Chapter and the Gianni Lopergolo Foundation, a private fund established for Gianni's three young sons.

insight: will be available exclusively at Comic-Con International in San Diego, California from July 22-26 and will be available nationwide on July 27.

To order your copy of insight: click here.


Book Info:


by Gianni Lopergolo with Stephanie T. Baxendale

Photography and Dioramas by Gianni Lopergolo

Book Design by Alex Lopergolo

Produced by Hayes McCarthy

234x130_AirForce_Special_Forces 234x130_Navy_underwater_tra  

About the Artist

Gianni Lopergolo has always been an artist. Whether it was his appreciation for architecture at age 15, his passion for the art of special effects as an NYU film student, or his intense love of cinematography and photography – not only as a student, but also as a teacher and a trail-blazing photographer – Gianni thrives on inspiration. Not only getting it, but also giving it.

Gianni joined the Hasbro family in 2002 and completely reinvented the way product photography was done for the toy company. With over a thousand original photographs spanning his impressive Hasbro career, Gianni admits that he has had no formal illustration or set-building training. "Anyone can do what I do," he humbly confesses. "And I want to teach them how. I've taught others in the past and I can teach more."

At the young age of 39, Gianni has been living with ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's Disease for three years. No longer able to work, but still as passionate about photography as ever, he has compiled this collection of images, which he hopes will teach, entertain and inspire.

Gianni currently lives in Rhode Island with his wife, Alex, and their three sons.

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