Local Support

Hospital Playrooms
Hasbro provides support to children’s hospitals and shelters in areas where Hasbro has an operating facility. 


Hospital Playroom Support

Our hospital program is designed to equip hospital playrooms with toys and games so that when children find themselves in the unfortunate situation of being hospitalized, they will have something to help lift their spirits and bring a smile to their face.  Please note: these toys are not meant to leave the facility.


Through our Gift of play hospital program, we support the following children's hospitals in Rhode Island, Springfield, MA, Renton, WA and Los Angeles, CA.


Hasbro's Children's Hospital - Rhode Island

Bradley Hospital - Rhode Island

Bay State Children's Hospital - Springfield, MA

Seattle Children's Hospital - Washington

Children's Hospital Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA


Shelter Playroom Support

Our shelter program helps shelters located in Rhode Island, Springfield, MA, Renton, WA or Los Angeles, CA and is designed to equip shelter playrooms with toys and games so children will have something to help pass the time and bring a smile to their face. 

If your shelter is located in RI, Springfield, MA or Renton, WA, please use the link below to submit your request.

Shelter Playroom Application
DEADLINE TO APPLY:  September 1st.


In Los Angeles, we support Shelter Partnership. Shelter Partnership is dedicated to alleviating, preventing and ending homelessness by assisting in the development of short-term and transitional housing programs, affordable housing, and supportive services for the homeless and potentially homeless throughout Los Angeles County.

In addition to our playroom support, we are proud to partner with the non-profit organization, Birthday Wishes.  Birthday Wishes' mission is to bring birthday parties to homeless children.  We are currently supporting Birthday Wishes in Rhode Island and Springfield, MA.