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The Hasbro Children’s Fund is proud to partner with Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), an organization dedicated to providing ongoing emotional support of those who are grieving the death of a loved one in the U.S. military. While Hasbro has assisted TAPS with toys and games for many years, this partnership has been enhanced to support the TAPS National Good Grief Camp, which provides children and teens grieving a loss with the opportunity to cope and heal in a strong, supportive environment. 


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Children around the world constantly surprise and impress us. We believe - because we’ve seen it time and again - that kids of all ages have the power to make a difference though volunteering and service. To help them fulfill this potential, in 2010 the Hasbro Children’s Fund committed $5 million over the next five years to launch a global youth service movement.

The purpose of generationOn, the new youth service division of the Points of Light Institute, is to inspire, equip and mobilize youth to take action that changes the world and themselves through service. This global movement, for kids ages 3 to 18, will reach more than two million young people, in addition to parents, educators and non-profits who work with them.  GenerationOn provides access to a centralized resource to help youth become all they can be - leaders and problem solvers, successful students and active community members.

For more information on Hasbro’s founding support of generationOn, please click here.


In 2007, Hasbro Children's Fund began partnering with The Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids Foundation ("Teammates"). Teammates, a team built with integrity and in partnership with professional athletes, celebrities, organizations, and fans, exists to develop and implement innovative concepts that generate funds for the benefit of children's charities. The purpose of the Foundation is to contribute financial resources to selected nonprofit organizations that effectively serve and benefit children with an emphasis on health, education and inner city services.
Hasbro's funds will expand Child Life programs around the country.  Our support provides expansion grants, development of Children’s Zones and innovative programming for hospitalized children. 

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Give Kids the World fulfills the wishes of children with life threatening illnesses from around the world by providing them with an unforgettable visit to their village in Central Florida, including access to all of the world’s most famous attractions in the region.  Hasbro makes sure that the holiday season comes to the Village not just once a year, but 52 times! Hasbro brings Winter Wonderland to Give Kids the World, ensuring that every Thursday, Wish children and their siblings enjoy a night complete with a visit from Santa Claus and the very best toys to choose from. By donating more than 18,000 toys and games per year to Give Kids the Word, Hasbro guarantees that the perfect gift awaits every child.

Hasbro also created a specialized CANDY LAND game that is given to each family staying at the Village.   The Hasbro Children’s Fund also partnered with Give Kids The World in 2008 to construct a fully integrated and universally accessible playground that allows children of all abilities to enjoy its space and equipment as they explore the magical world of a life-sized CANDY LAND. In 2009, Hasbro and Give Kids the World opened the Twinkle Hope La Ti Da Spa, inviting Wish children to a tea party for tea, desserts and fun, MY LITTLE PONY style. 

Global Partners

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The Hasbro Children’s Fund partnered with Operation Smile, an organization whose volunteers repair childhood facial deformities while building public and private partnerships that advocate for sustainable healthcare systems for children and families. Operation Smile is the largest medical charity of its kind, treating nearly 100,000 children to date. More than 5,000 medical professionals from 23 countries serve as volunteers. Through the Physician’s Training Program, Operation Smile has trained more than 600 physicians from 23 countries.

Hasbro’s partnership with Operation Smile is supporting one mission a year for three years, thereby enabling surgeries for 150 children, as well as training and education for local doctors. Included in the mission costs, Operation Smile provides specialized medical equipment and supplies required for a 10-day mission.  In 2009, Hasbro’s funds will be used to support a mission in Brazil.

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SOS Children's Villages is the largest charity dedicated to orphaned and abandoned children with over 470 villages in 132 countries worldwide.  Children who have been abandoned or orphaned come to SOS Children's Villages where they are integrated into a loving family environment.  They are nurtured and supported by an SOS Mother and up to 15 other children in their SOS home who become their SOS brothers and sisters.  Strong bonds develop within these "SOS families", and even after the children are grown and leave the village, these family relationships endure.

The Hasbro/SOS Global Partnership brings hope to SOS children through sponsorship in Mexico, Brazil, China, Colombia, Romania and Russia.  This sponsorship will provide food, clothing, education & medical care for the children. 



The Hasbro Children’s Fund partnered with The Association of the Hole in the Wall Camps (“The Association”), the world’s largest family of therapeutic camps for children with serious illnesses and life-threatening conditions. The Association is the nonprofit umbrella organization serving the Hole in the Wall Camps programs and camps throughout the world. The camps eliminate all obstacles to a child’s participation; there is no cost to the family for a child to attend. Activities are designed to empower all campers to experience success despite their disease or disability.

Our partnership with the Hole in the Wall Camps has helped to create the Hasbro Outreach Program Extension (HOPE), providing fun and inspiring camp-style activities to hospitalized children including those undergoing active treatment, in three countries (U.S., Ireland and Italy).


The Hasbro Children’s Fund partnered with World Vision to form the “Hasbro HIV/AIDS Initiative” in support of children infected with or affected by AIDS in Zambia. World Vision, one of the largest international relief agencies in the world, has established the RAPIDS program, a 6-year HIV/AIDS project in Zambia. RAPIDS is a consortium project of six non-governmental organizations, of which World Vision is the lead. Other partners include Africare, CARE International, Catholic Relief Services, Expanded Church Response, and the Salvation Army.

Hasbro’s partnership with World Vision is supporting school improvements including the purchase of desks, chalk boards, text books, radios for distance education programming in rural settings and construction materials for new schools. Our support also helps to send community schoolteachers for formal teacher training to improve their effectiveness in the classroom. Currently most teachers are volunteers and are not trained, and most children attending community schools are orphans. Hasbro funds are also allowing for the purchase of 10-ton trucks to transport commodities for vulnerable households.  Hasbro also provides toy and educational games for these children.

Local Partners

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Hasbro Children’s Hospital is the pediatric division of Rhode Island Hospital and opened in 1994.  Annually, Hasbro, Inc. supports the Hasbro Children’s Hospital in a number of ways including the support of Child Life services, the Pediatric Imaging Center and the purchase of a pediatric ambulance.  We also supply the hospital with toys and games for distribution and use by the hospitalized children. 

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The Hasbro Children’s Fund partners with Big Apple Circus to bring the Clown Care program to Hasbro Children’s Hospital. Clown Care brings laughter to the bedsides of hospitalized children in preeminent pediatric facilities nationwide. Its primary goals are to bring the joy of the circus ring into the hospital, and treat the healthy aspects of the child by incorporating humor as an essential element in the standard of care. Working one-on-one with hospitalized children - in partnership with their families, caregivers, and hospital personnel - these professional performers help ease the stress of serious illness and hospitalization by reintroducing laughter and fun as innate parts of life.

Hasbro’s partnership with Big Apple Circus brings the Clown Care program to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence, RI. This support includes two Clown Doctors once a week at Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The Clown Doctors work with the Child Life staff and go throughout the hospital - including the emergency room, clinics, and bedsides - bringing laughter to children.

For more information on Hasbro’s 2010 philanthropic initiatives, in addition to its strategic philanthropic partners, please review the 2010 Corporate Philanthropy Report by clicking here.